How to make the most of your intimate elopement… follow Emily and Brad’s lead! Build your dream weekend and continue to remind yourself why you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with this person you love more than words can say. Spend the weekend doing what you love and make it all about the two of you. Your wedding day should be filled with all things important to y’all!

Let’s talk about location first, possibly one of the most daunting questions when planning your elopement. It is easy to see photos and point to a beautiful landscape and say, yep that’s the spot for me to marry the person I want to be with forever. And that is wonderful and great, but I always try and challenge my couples who are looking to elope to head to a location that truly means something to them. This can mean heading back to the first country/city you travel to together, or your own backyard. It can also mean going to your dream bucket-list location! If the location means something to you then that is all that matters and I will book my flight tomorrow!

Now, how to make your elopement more than an afternoon photoshoot… First of all, that’s not how we do things here. I am a firm believe in capturing the authentic and beautiful moments that occur naturally. The little moments you didn’t think anyone would notice or that you didn’t even notice yourself – that’s why I am here!

Second, to anyone considering an elopement, remember that the word just does not exist here. You are not just elopement, or that it’s just going to be the two of you. You are choosing an intimate ceremony and it deserves all the time and planning that a traditional wedding would. Some things to consider and focus on when planning:

  1. The weekend as a whole: love hiking, head out in the morning and get your sweat on before getting ready. Looking for something more casual, find a local hot spring and soak up all that pre-wedding bliss. Eloping to your favorite beach, spend the morning at your go-to cafe or by the pool with your favorite book. The options are endless and best part of all – totally customizable to you two!
  2. Your guest list: typically when you think of an elopement, you think of the couple and the officiant, but you make the rules here! Having your dream elopement/wedding often times means being surrounded by those you love most and that can mean more than your soon-to-be spouse. Most planners and photographers consider a guest list under 10 to be an elopement, which can often mean a reduced price for your wedding coverage.
  3. Include a reception: you just got MARRIED! No matter how many people are there to see it in person, you just got MARRIED and deserve to party! Pop the champagne, lay out a picnic on the beach, hop on an ATV and ride into the desert, cut the cake and smash it your spouse’s face because they are officially stuck with you! The options are endless and the only thing that matters is you’re having fun.
  4. Choosing your vendors: your vendors are so important on your wedding day and it is crucial you choose people you connect with. They will be the people who are not only there on your big day, but through the entire planning process and finding the vendors who you connect with on a personal and professional level will make the planning process so much easier. The best part about working with my couples is helping them build their dream wedding and being there every step of the way and I know that so many other creatives feel the exact same way!
  5. Make it legal: the marriage won’t be official until you obtain your marriage license. You can learn more about the basics here, and I can help you every step of the way!