Surrounded by the mountains and snow Kaylie and Richie said forever to one another! These two love birds opted for a private elopement and let me tell you, all you need is two for the perfect wedding day!

Often times when I hear couples talk about planning their elopement, the word “just” gets thrown around a lot. “We just want epic photos and to say our vow…” or “It’s just going to be us two…” I’m gonna be honest with everyone reading this and those who are planning an elopement of their own, your elopement is your wedding day!! And JUST because you choose to plan a day that is perfectly custom to you two and your relationship, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve all of the time and planning that a traditional wedding does.

I am here to remind you every step of the way that this is your wedding day and help you plan the perfect intimate day for the two of you, just like Kaylie and Richie did!